Becoming Fairtrade Certified

Anyone who works in a country within Fairtrade’s geographical scope and supplies a product covered by the Fairtrade Standards, can become a Fairtrade producer.

Deciding whether to get certified is an important business decision. Audits will need to be undertaken and paid for annually. You should decide whether you think the costs are going to be worth the expected benefits.

As part of this decision, you should find out if there are any traders who want to buy your products under Fairtrade terms in the countries you want to sell to. Being certified does not guarantee that you will sell your product to the market on Fairtrade terms.

Also note that the whole supply chain – from producer to consumer – needs to be compliant with Fairtrade standards. The buyer of your products therefor needs to be licensed to sell products with the FAIRTRADE Mark. They will need to apply to be a Fairtrade trader.

You can learn more about the certification process here.

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