In this section, Fairtrade certified producers can share experiences and best practices. Every quarter, producers tell about their practical solutions to a certain challenge.



Current and new Fairtrade Africa members need to apply for a membership and pay the requisite annual fees. Membership renewal for 2012/2013 has been extended to 31st May. Deadline for the new membership year 2013/2014 is 15th August

Membership of Fairtrade Africa is open to the following groups of organisations and individuals:

  • Fairtrade certified producer organisations as well as Fairtrade certified non-producer organisations in Africa.
  • Producer organisations in Africa certified other than by Fairtrade.
  • Organisations registered with the larger Fairtrade movement in Africa.

For an overview of the categories and corresponding rights and obligations, click here. You can find an overview of the membership fees here.


Please complete the application form below if you are an organisation seeking membership of Fairtrade Africa. All applications for membership are decided upon by the Regional Boards and will be rectified by the African Assembly.

Click here for invoice & payment procedures.

Your name is limited to 100 characters.
Please choose one option that best describes your producer set up.
Please enter the year you were certified as a Fairtrade producer.
Please enter your number as provided by Fairtrade.
A contact name for your organisation.
A contact email address for your organisation.
If you have one, enter a second contact name for your organisation.
If you have one, enter a second contact email address for your organisation.
Please enter any many phone numbers as you have, separated by comma's.
Please enter your full address. If your location has changed, please inform an administrator on so they can update your Google Map location.
The URL of your website, including 'http://'.
Please select the products that are certified as Fairtrade, as per your Fairtrade certificate. For each of these, please select whether the products are also certified as organic. If you wish to amend the status of any product, please delete the existing product first or BOTH the old and the new will be deleted when you submit the page.
Please note that if you are registering for the Associate or Honorary Membership select the less than $10,000 Fairtrade Premium range. Please ignore the automatic invoice which you will receive.
Please include detail on variety of crop, quality, other certification schemes, harvest dates, delivery dates and other relevant information about your product that would be of interest to traders. Your entry will be limited to 1500 characters.
Please give summary of latest premium use, benefits that Fairtrade has provided, aspirations of being part of Fairtrade. Your entry will be limited to 2000 characters.
Please include information on other networks, export associations that you are linked to. Your entry will be limited to 500 characters.
Please add any other information about your business that you think might be useful for a trader.
If you have any products that could potentially be traded as Fairtrade and you are looking for traders, please select these from the list. If your potential product is not yet covered by the Fairtrade standards, if appropriate, please write about it in product availability section instead. If you wish to amend the status of any product, please delete the existing product first or BOTH the old and the new will be deleted when you submit the page.
Declaration I hereby declare that I am fully authorized to sign the application form on behalf of my organisation, and that the organisation is eligible for membership of Fairtrade Africa and wishes to become or continue to be a member. The organisation accepts the constitution and code of ethics of Fairtrade Africa and gives full authority to Fairtrade Africa to access the organisation as adopted by the African Assembly and as per the constitution.
*Disclaimer Fairtrade Africa will not disclose any personal information. Contact, sales or premium information and figures directly submitted to Fairtrade Africa will be protected and not disclosed to any third parties without written consent of the applicant.

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