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Fairtrade Africa’s regional networks represent Fairtrade Africa on a local level. Our Heads of Regions work directly with producers. There are currently four regional network offices in Africa:

Fairtrade Africa – Southern Africa Network (FTA-SAN)

Fairtrade Africa – West Africa Network (FTA-WAN)

Fairtrade Africa – Eastern  and Central Africa Network (FTA-ECAN)

Fairtrade Africa – Middle East and North Africa Network (FTA-MENAN)


The regional networks represent Fairtrade producers on issues related to standards – campaigning for new prices, revision of existing standards or making the Fairtrade standards more relevant to local farming practices. If you are a producer or trader working in a product that is currently not covered by the Fairtrade standards, please contact the Head of Region in your area.


The regional networks work with local partners in the public, private and NGO sectors to leverage support for producers. They also support producers through the internal Technical Assistance Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide finance for technical aid to assist producer organisations in strengthening their internal systems and increasing their capacity to manage the cooperatives more effectively.


The regional networks assist in implementing Fairtrade Africa’s broader goal of increasing market opportunities for Fairtrade certified producers. The networks work with local partners to expose producers to new supply chains and promote Fairtrade certified producers in local and international markets.


The regional networks are an effective platform to coordinate communication among Fairtrade certified producers. To further encourage collaboration amongst producers, the networks support the establishment and development of country partnerships and product networks.

Click here for contact details of Fairtrade Africa regional network offices.

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